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Become a Hope & Home Foster Parent

Whether you live in Colorado Springs, Denver, Alamosa or beyond, becoming a certified Hope & Home foster parent is easier than ever! We have more resources to offer throughout certification and beyond than any other agency in the state. Read on to find out more about the licensing process - Hope & Home style.

It's Easy
Give us a call at 575-9887 or click the blue button to the left that says "call me about becoming a foster parent." In the initial no-pressure phone call consultation, we will take the time to explain the basic ins and outs of foster care at Hope & Home. We will answer any questions you may have and help determine if you meet the minimum requirements for becoming a foster parent. We will also get you scheduled for a personal tour of the building if you're ready to take that next step.

If you decide to fill out the application and officially pursue becoming a foster parent, you'll be connected to our "Foster Care Plus" team, a group of certification specialists who will walk you step-by-step through the process of becoming licensed. Foster Care Plus was created by a team of passionate Hope & Home employees who were determined to make the certification process easier and more accessible to incoming foster parents. Foster Care Plus is completely unique to Hope & Home. 

It's Inexpensive
Because we are a ministry, Hope & Home does not charge an application fee and provides 27 hours of training at no cost to our parents. Families pay only for FBI and other background checks, First Aid and CPR certification, and two brief online courses. Total cost for a couple is $228.90; single parents pay just $178.90.

It's Fun
During the certification process and the many social events that we have, you will gain friends and bond with others who have the same kind of heart for God's children as you do.

Read These Testimonials From Some of our Foster Parents...

“Thankfully there are folks at Hope & Home who have a relentless passion for the care of children, particularly foster children. They go above and beyond the state minimums to ensure that foster parents are trained, equipped and supported for this mission. I’m happy to be part of what Hope & Home is doing and encourage you to join this journey with us." -Mike

“Being chosen to make an impression on these children, well, there are no words for the emotions and the satisfaction.” -Susan

“I think of the staff at Hope & Home as family, and other foster families as extended family after we bonded by going down the same path together.” -Toni

“With Hope & Home, it started out with them giving us the tools we needed to become foster parents. Now, it is so much more: family, friends, support and fun.” -Tanja

“Hope & Home means that foster parents, foster children and birth parents will always be welcomed, loved and treated with respect.” -Susan

“We have learned so much about patience, humor, compassion, juggling, and most important, how to be better human beings.” -Gabrielle and Tim

“Hope & Home is a first-class organization that provides training, advice and care.” -Leesa

“We love working with Hope & Home! Foster care has grown us in ways we didn't know we could grow and has enriched our lives in ways we didn't know were possible.” -Laurel

“I know that I am helping these children. People at church will see the kids I foster on a weekly basis. They see the pain the pain and sorrow by the way they walk and the sadness on their face. But when they see them again after only a few weeks, they say that the kids’ whole countenance has changed." -Leesa

“Hope & Home has been a joy…The support they offer is great. Hope & Home, keep up the wonderful work. You all are awesome!" -Pam