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It all started with a little girl named Elena...

She needed a family and her time was running out. Steve and Annie Reed live in Alamosa, CO and wanted to give Elena the forever family she so desperately needed. But on August 22, 2015, they were told that wasn’t possible due to the fact that the county they lived in was under-staffed and unable to certify them in the short amount of time that was required. Little Elena's fate hung in the delicate balance of countless logistics.

Enter Hope & Home.

Constance Vigil from Denver Department of Human Services called us - searching for a solution to a seemingly impossible problem. We stepped up to the plate and worked round the clock to make what usually happens over several months happen in 24 hours. The Reeds became a certified Hope & Home family and the door opened for Elena to be placed with them. 
On December 11, 2015, little Elena was adopted by Steve and Annie Reed.

After the Reed family came to us, the word about Hope & Home got out to other cities and counties needing help getting families certified. Our phones went crazy. In the weeks following the Reed's certification, eight new families signed up in the Denver area, two from Fort Collins, one east of Greeley, one in Tabernash up by Winter Park, seven from Loveland, and four more filled out applications in Alamosa. Over the course of 2016, we have doubled in size and anticipate that growth to only continue. The best part of all of this is that the counties and state are in full support of us. We now have the opportunity to bring Hope & Home's gold standard of foster care to children all over Colorado.

If you are interested in becoming a Hope & Home foster parent, or maybe even becoming the first Hope & Home foster parent in your area, call us at 719-575-9887 or click "Begin the Application Process Today" button above and fill out the inquiry form.